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Collaborative Divorce

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f you and your spouse are looking for a nonconfrontational way to end your marriage, collaborative divorce may be for you.

In New Jersey, there is increasing awareness of the procedure, which was given more formal recognition in state law in September 2014. But it is important to get smart and savvy legal counsel to guide you through this relatively new process.

At Fiorello, Puccio & Fiorello, L.L.C., in Wayne, we are very much committed to using the collaborative divorce approach in appropriate cases. Our attorneys have the family law experience and personalized approach to serving clients that can help you use the collaborative process to work out your divorce issues while minimizing the stress involved.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Like other forms of uncontested or nonadversarial divorce, collaborative divorce to empower the parties to come to their own agreement, rather than having the court impose one on them after full-blown litigation.

But collaborative divorce has some very specific advantages. Though you and your spouse will each have your own lawyer, each of those lawyers must commit to limit the scope of their representation. If the lawyers and the parties, working together, cannot come to an agreement, the original lawyers will have to withdraw from the case. If you or your spouse wants to then pursue traditional litigation, you will have to do it with new lawyers.

This limitation on the lawyers’ role in collaborative divorce gives everyone an incentive to try to make the process work for everyone right from the start.

Other Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce also enables the lawyers and the parties to enlist the help of other professionals in finding mutually agreeable solutions. For property division issues, these could include accountants, financial planners, and real estate or mortgage professionals.

If child custody is a key issue, the collaborative process could also potentially involve enlisting the input of child psychologists.

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