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Passaic County Divorce Mediator Attorney

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Because of how emotional and expensive divorce can be, many couples are gravitating toward progressive options for ending their partnership. Among these, mediation, collaboration and negotiation are among the most utilized. It’s understandable why — when efficient, economical and amicable methods are available to couples and families, why would they want to go through the potentially stressful, costly and rigid arena of litigation?

In actuality, in New Jersey and throughout the United States, more and more courts have begun requiring couples to attempt mediation because they can create an open dialogue between parties with the aid of a mediator and an atmosphere conducive to amicable resolution of issues.

Passaic County Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

As Wayne divorce mediators, we put great emphasis on our continuing refinement in this area of law. Two of our attorneys have been court-qualified as economic mediators for family law matters. We facilitate divorce settlement agreements between couples who are contemplating divorce or who have already begun a divorce case.

Ultimately we believe that mediation and uncontested divorce can be an optimal solution for a number of reasons, including:

  • During the process, each side can consult with experts to clarify issues, including business valuation, real estate appraisals and child welfare.
  • Family law mediation is nonbinding and confidential, meaning that what happens within the family law mediation process generally cannot be used as evidence or brought to a judge’s attention during litigation.
  • There is buy-in from both parties so settlements negotiated are more likely to avoid unwanted modification through subsequent litigation or appeal.

Regardless of the issues at play, we’re ready to take our experience to work toward ideal resolutions in your case.

To speak with one of our lawyers on any issue with regard to mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, call 877-410-4119 to schedule a free initial introductory consultation or e-mail us here.