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Lawyers Committed to Excellence

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Wayne Family Attorney

There’s no question that family law can be immensely stressful, particularly if there are children involved. When facing complex and sometimes traumatic family law events, it’s critical to have an advocate who will proceed in a compassionate way that considers your best interest and that of your children. An experienced Wayne family lawyer who combines extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge is often precisely the advocate needed.

Passaic County Divorce Lawyer

With more than 50 years of New Jersey family law experience, we at Puccio & Fiorello LLC, are committed to bringing our expertise in family law, elder law, and estate/probate law to work toward ideal resolutions in your case.

We know that the complexities and best practices of family law are always changing and that in order to provide premier representation to our clients we need to have and pursue comprehensive knowledge. We regularly attend seminars in the area of family law and are constantly involved in continuing legal education to make sure that our clients have the latest information.

Because of our repute among the legal community, Linda Couso Puccio has been appointed by the Court to serve as attorney and guardian in guardianship cases. Linda and John have also been appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to sit on fee dispute committees, and Linda has been appointed to the Passaic County Ethics Committee.

We also know, however, that a comprehensive understanding of law is only half of the responsibility of a great family law attorney. We strive to be on-time, trustworthy, honest and candid with every client and to aggressively advocate for them. It’s an approach that has yielded success for decades, and we’re ready to put it to work for you.

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