Lawyers Committed to Excellence

Lawyers Committed to Excellence

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Aggressively Pursuing Our

Clients’ Interests in Court

New Jersey Family Law 

Aggressively Pursuing Our

Clients’ Interests in Court

Wayne Divorce Law Attorney


First and foremost we understand the importance of family.

It’s precisely because we understand this importance that we work so hard on refining and elevating our level of service to our clients. This approach is based on two pillars:

Education, Research And Training

When it comes to law, we at Puccio & Fiorello LLC, don’t treat it as a job — we treat it as a profession and give it the deep respect that it deserves. Because of this we understand that it’s imperative that we cultivate the deepest understanding possible. This has been a hallmark of our approach since day one.

John Fiorello is a former president of the Passaic County Bar Association, and Linda Couso Puccio is a trustee. In addition, John is a former chair of the family law section. We’re all very active in bar association committees and Linda has been appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey to sit on the Passaic County District XI Ethics Committee and the Passaic County District XI Fee Arbitration Committee. Linda has also been serving as Co-Chair of the Passaic County Bar Association’s Probate, Real Property and Taxation Section.

John Fiorello established the Matrimonial Early Settlement Program of Passaic County and served as the chair for 15 years. Linda currently serves on the program’s panel, which helps parties who have been unable to come to an amicable agreement prior to entering into litigation. Their success rate is over 50 percent.

Compassion And Dedication To Service

Regardless of how we’re serving clients, whether we’re working as Wayne divorce law attorneys or Passaic County Estate Lawyers, we still bring the same level of hands-on communication to our interaction with clients. The focus of this communication is based on:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Personal attention
  • Availability and accessibility
  • Diligent responses to cases
  • Addressing inquiries promptly and thoroughly

Conveniently located at 1044 Route 23 North, we serve clients throughout New Jersey. Call 877-410-4119 to schedule a free initial introductory consultation or e-mail us here.