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New Jersey Family Law |

Aggressively Pursuing Our

Clients’ Interests in Court

New Jersey Family Law 

Aggressively Pursuing Our

Clients’ Interests in Court

Family Law Overview


Family relationships are at the heart of life for most people. If you have an issue in your family, it is vital to resolve it as graciously and effectively as circumstances allow.

At Puccio & Fiorello LLC, in Wayne, we have an proven track record of helping New Jersey clients do just that. Our attorneys have decades of experience in guiding clients through divorce proceedings, adoptions and other life events.

Our Comprehensive Family Law Practice

We have a comprehensive family law practice that can serve your needs no matter what your situation is. This includes:

  • Divorce – The end of a marriage often brings out strong emotions. This can make it difficult to make sound decisions about property division, child custody and other issues. We can help you shape those decisions in ways that make sense for you and your family going forward.
  • Adoption – Adopting a child is a very personal decision and involves many factors. Our lawyers can assist you effectively in putting the right legal arrangements in place.
  • Same-sex marriage – In the last few years, New Jersey law on recognition of same-sex relationships has changed radically. We can use our knowledge of this evolving area of the law to help you understand the status of property rights, inheritance and other issues.
  • Domestic violence – Violence within families, including intimate partner or spousal abuse, is a serious issue in New Jersey and every other state. Our attorneys are familiar with restraining orders and other legal aspects of family violence and can help you take appropriate action.
  • Estate planning and elder law – Family life is ultimately about leaving a legacy. We can help you create an estate plan that meets your goals. Our firm also handles probate and elder-law issues.

Personal Attention, Dedicated Service

We know that doing the right thing for your family is undoubtedly important to you. It also involves making some very personal decisions.

That is why we are so committed to connecting with you personally, so that we can customize our service and dedicate it to your unique needs.

To schedule a free initial consultation, give us a call today at 877-410-4119. Or, if you prefer, please fill out our online form.