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New Jersey Family Law 

Aggressively Pursuing Our

Clients’ Interests in Court

Wayne Child Support Lawyer


In the wake of a divorce, one of the most immediately felt changes is a financial one. When couples separate, there are several issues to be dealt with in terms of finances, income and assets.

With decades of experience as lawyers in New Jersey concerning alimony and child support issues, it’s our goal to help clients ensure equitable resolutions as efficiently as possible. During our years of practice we’ve written extensive articles, led seminars on related issues and have been involved in many trials, so there’s no scenario for which we’re not prepared.

Passaic County Alimony Attorney

When entering into this area of law, it’s important to understand several factors.

New Jersey law requires a number of factors to be considered when determining alimony. These factors include marriage length, the age and earning histories of the parties, as well as child care duties during the marriage. The court has substantial discretion in the determination of alimony, including the amount and duration of payments.

There are also many factors that determine child support payments in New Jersey, including income, payment and receipt of alimony as well as the child support calculator provided in court rule guidelines. Regardless of the issue, we can work to develop a plan that maintains continuance of a child’s lifestyle within family law guidelines.

In addition, as issues change we’re able to work on support modification to ensure continued fairness and equity between parties.

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