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High Net Worth Divorce

I hight net worth divorce

Woodland Park High Net Worth Attorney

Division of marital assets and a determination of a fair alimony award becomes difficult in matters where one of the parties is the owner or involved in a business or there are substantial investments, retirement accounts and other complex assets. Lawyers in the firm of Fiorello, Puccio & Fiorello, with more than 40 years of experience, have handled many of such cases. In doing so, we have worked with accountants in determining the value of a business subject to division as well as determining the lifestyle of the parties for use in determining a proper amount of alimony.

In New Jersey, all property and assets acquired during the marriage, with certain exceptions, from the date of marriage until the filing of a divorce complaint, are subject to equitable distribution between the parties. Identifying and valuing the said assets can become complex and difficult, as well as determining a fair distribution of those assets. The attorneys at Fiorello, Puccio & Fiorello have worked with accountants, property appraisers, pension appraisers and other experts to assure that our clients receive their fair share of marital assets and that a fair alimony award is arrived at.

If your divorce involves a business entity owned by you or your spouse or other highly valued assets, contact the firm of Fiorello, Puccio & Fiorello to assist you to protect your rights regarding those assets and to vigorously advocate for your interests.