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New Jersey Family Law 

Aggressively Pursuing Our

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Guiding Your Through The Adoption Process


Adopting a child is a deeply personal decision for any couple. It involves many factors, with emotions and family finances often front and center.

But adoption in New Jersey also requires close attention to creating the right legal foundation for your expanded family. At Puccio & Fiorello LLC, in Wayne, we help clients throughout Passaic County do just that.

What Type Of Adoption Are You Seeking?

There are several different types of adoptions. These include:

  • Stepparent or grandparent adoption – Sometimes, after parents split up, stepparents or grandparents end up adopting a child. This can happen either if the parents are divorced or if they never married.
  • Birth mother giving up child for adoption – In these cases, it is crucial to clarify whether the adoption will be open (allowing the child to know the identity of the birth mother) or closed. There may also be arrangements to be worked out regarding surrogacy, if a woman has contracted to carry a child for someone else.
  • International adoption – When foreign countries are involved, the adoption process can involve many different agencies and considerations.

Our Role: Guiding You Confidently

No matter what type of adoption is involved, our attorneys can guide your confidently through the process. This involves filing the right forms and taking care of important steps like getting consent from a biological parent to go ahead with an uncontested adoption.

In some cases, there may also be issues involving termination of parental rights.

Taking Action On Adoption

In short, we can help you by facilitating the adoption process. We invite you to talk with one of our lawyers at your convenience in a free initial consultation. To schedule this appointment, call 877-410-4119 or fill out our online intake form.