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Wayne Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer


People enter into prenuptial agreements for several reasons; it might be to protect children from the first marriage, or assets acquired prior to the marriage.

Settlement agreements can be considered a kind of mirror image to prenuptial agreements — they’re pursued when people separate and enter into negotiations to arrive at a settlement of important issues, including alimony, child support and division of assets. It can be a far more efficient, economical and amiable resolution to these issues as opposed to litigation. Even when litigation has been started, a settlement agreement can resolve all outstanding issues rather than to litigate the case through trial.

When entering into these agreements, however, it can be hugely beneficial to work with an experienced Wayne prenuptial/settlement agreement attorney to ensure the wishes and interests of all parties are expressed, transparently laid out and properly documented.

Passaic County Prenup And Settlement Attorney

As lawyers, we at Puccio & Fiorello LLC, have extensive experience drafting prenuptial agreements and in drafting settlement agreements prior to divorce actions and in divorce litigation. In addition to serving as court-approved mediators of economic issues in matrimonial cases, John Fiorello and Linda Couso Puccio continually attend seminars to learn about what can be creatively put into settlement agreements to provide the best results for our clients.

New Jersey settlement agreements can be extremely useful for several reasons. Rather than relying on the court to decide issues, settlement agreements allow for much greater creativity and flexibility. The court’s hands are tied, so to speak, by what the law permits. They are limited by law to specific types of custody, alimony and asset determinations. If the parties determine a unique way of handling how children spend time with their parents or how a property is to be divided, a settlement agreement can articulate that.

In addition, courts can’t make a ruling as to what will happen in the future. This can present problems that may arise in the future with regard to issues such as educational funding that will take place years in advance. A settlement agreement can provide for eventualities for the present and future.

Whether you’re looking to establish a prenuptial agreement or a matrimonial settlement agreement, we’re ready to put our experience and knowledge to work toward achieving an ideal resolution for your unique circumstances.

To speak with our Wayne prenuptial agreement attorney on any issue with regard to prenuptial or settlement agreements, call 877-410-4119 to schedule a free initial introductory consultation or e-mail us here.