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When children are involved in a divorce, it’s important to ensure that their health and well-being are preserved as the family transitions to new circumstances. By developing a fair and reasonable custody and parenting plan, families can ensure that a child’s relationship with all members of the family is preserved in the healthiest way.

Passaic County Visitation Attorney

At the Wayne, New Jersey, law offices of Fiorello, Puccio & Fiorello, L.L.C., we put our decades of experience as lawyers in issues of child custody and visitation rights to work toward fair and reasonable resolutions in your case. Because we understand what clients are going through and the emotionally charged issues of this area, we focus on fairness and the best interests of the children, and getting through the tough time. We always try to resolve these issues as amicably as possible, but if necessary, we’ll fight aggressively to protect your interests and those of your child.

Removal issues are often a major point of contention in these types of cases. Children who are New Jersey natives or who have been residents of the state for two or more years generally cannot be moved out of state without express consent of both parents or as permitted by a court order. We represent custodial parents who are trying to leave the state as well as those opposing moves. It’s our goal to help you understand your parental rights and advocate for you throughout the process and in litigation if necessary.

In addition, because circumstances often change, we’re able to work on modifications to custody or parenting plans with the goal of fostering the rights of parents and children when conditions have changed.

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