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New Jersey Family Law 

Aggressively Pursuing Our

Clients’ Interests in Court

Passaic County Probate Lawyers


It’s hard enough for all concerned when a family member dies. But it can get even more difficult when there is unfairness of some kind in the administration of the deceased person’s estate.

When that happens, it may be necessary to engage in probation litigation.

At Puccio & Fiorello LLC, in Wayne, New Jersey, we can help you protect your interests in this very sensitive area of litigation. Using decades of combined experienced, our attorneys know how to resolve will disputes, claims of wrongdoing by fiduciaries, and other estate conflicts with skill and integrity. To arrange a free initial consultation about your specific case, call 877-410-4119. We serve clients throughout Passaic County and the surrounding parts of New Jersey.

What Has Happened That Seems Unfair?

There are many scenarios in elder or estate planning law that can result in probate or estate litigation. These include:

  • Will contests — If the person who died had questionable mental capacity due to dementia, a brain injury or for some other reason, their will may not be valid. Undue influence by a family member or caretaker can also cause questions about a will’s validity. If this has happened in your family, we will make sure your rights are protected.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty — Executors, administrators, trustees and other fiduciaries sometimes engage in self-dealing, fraud or other wrongful conduct. In other cases, they neglect their duties. Our attorneys will marshal the facts about what has happened and take appropriate action on your behalf.
  • Third-party claims — Sometimes disputes arise when a creditor of the estate believes proper payment was not made. We can guide you through the process of handling such claims.

Be Proactive About Addressing Problems

We encourage to be proactive about addressing any problems that may have arisen regarding the estate of a family member who has recently died. To set up a confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer at our firm, give us a call or complete our easy online form.