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Elder Law Attorneys In Passaic County

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Requesting the appointment of a guardian to protect a family member or loved one can be a very personal matter. The area of elder law, as well, can be personal and confusing. Many people believe they have to put all their money in trusts, when in fact there are other options that may be more in conformance with the wishes of a family.

Partnering with a skilled elder law attorney in Passaic County at Puccio & Fiorello LLC., can illuminate these situations and allow families to move toward ideal resolutions in guardianship and elder law planning. We are here to find the best solution that accomplishes your needs. Contact our law office in Wayne today to schedule a free consultation so we can learn about your family and goals.

Guardianship Lawyers In Passaic County

With over 50 years of New Jersey legal experience we’re ready to provide comprehensive legal representation with a focus on estate planning, probate, guardianship and elder law matters. Unlike larger firms that may be impersonal and don’t take the time to understand the uniqueness of guardianship and elder law issues and how they relate to a family’s specific situation, we work closely to identify goals and objectives. We’re able to help clients with a variety of elder law issues, including:

  • Creating a customized trust tailored to your unique needs and preferences
  • Helping clients with estate administration, including the transfer of assets and the filing of all relevant papework with the appropriate body, such as the county surrogate or state-level official
  • Establishing guardianships for elders and adults with special needs
  • Using litigation and settlement to resolve disputes related to guardianships

While many people have reservations and are unsure of the processes of guardianship and elder law, we believe the process can be made understandable so that educated decisions can be made.

To speak about any issue with one of our experienced guardianship or elder law attorneys in Passaic County, call 877-410-4119 or e-mail us here to schedule a free initial introductory consultation.